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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology

3D-CFD Simulation




HERON offers applied thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation work inside internal combustion engines for our clients worldwide. 3D-CFD simulations allow a "virtual view" into the engine, either into the inlet port or directly into the combustion chamber for the mixture preparation. Our expertise is based on long-term experience, mainly in the field of big-bore diesel and gas engines as well as high-performance racing engines.


·        Virtual flow bench simulation

·        Fuel injection and combustion simulation

·        Coolant flow in cylinder heads


...with the tasks of predicting and optimising


·        Flow coefficients (μß or αΚ) for inlet and exhaust ports and calculation of swirl and tumble values

·        Entire gas exchange process with moving valves and piston

·        Diesel or Otto combustion simulation

·        Calculation of knocking probability

·        Simulation of fuel injection (e.g., common port injection, high-pressure direct injection or fuel fed pre-chambers)


Applied procedure:


·        Surface preparation based on STL or any other CAD data format

·        Automatic, semi-automatic or manual mesh generation depending on the task complexity (e.g., valve gap area, tiny pre-chamber design or spray of injection)

·        Determination and application of boundary conditions as defined by 1D gas exchange simulations or measurement from the test bed

·        Execution of the calculation on multicore computers

·        Plausibility checks (mean pressure and temperature, IMEP, µσ, ...)

·        Post-processing of calculated results by 2D graphs, flow pattern visualisation and video animation

·        Report generation with diagrams and videos



-    Port flow and in-cylinder flow

-    Transient gas exchange

-    Fuel and gas injection

-    Combustion simulation

-    Coolant flow analysis



...is our core business