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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology

Valve Train Simulation


Most of the applied valve train analysis tools are based on in-house developed software packages, specifically tailored for the most common valve train designs. In parallel, when complex 3D arrangements are used, HERON has the license for the well-known CDS™ program.


This technology must be seen as a useful complement to the 1D gas exchange optimisation when new valve timings and subsequently new valve lift curves are requested.


The HERON Approach:


·        Definition of the valve timings and maximum lift height by 1D cycle simulation work

·        Creation of high sophisticated bi-spline based valve lift curve

·        Control and check constrains from the valve train design in terms of stress

·        Definition of the spring characteristic

·        Check for valve-piston clearances

·        Calculation of the forces, stress, and grinding coordinates


Common valve train designs:


·        Flat tapped

·        Rocker arm

·        Finger follower

·        Push rod



-    Valve lift curve optimisation

-    Valve train force and stress analysis

-    Spring layout

-    Grinding data calculation



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