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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology

Engine Analysis Tools




Before starting the optimisation process, existing engines will be analysed on the test bed, measured, and post-processed in detail. The huge amount of data collected can be divided into


·         Mean integral values
(such as power, torque, fuel consumption, mean pressure and temperature, emission output, etc.)


·         Time or crank angle based indicated data
(such as high- and low pressure traces, transient speed, and torque/power output signals, etc.)


HERON uses most of the common software tools to post process all signals and to analyse the data for specific values.


·         AVL CONCERTO™

·         DEWESOFT™

·         IMES™

·         HERON-combo

·         HERON-drive


Using the knowledge gathered around the geometric design and measured data from the engine being analysed, it is possible to set up a 1D computer model. Such a virtual engine allows studying of the entire process from a thermodynamic point of view. This provides information and results which are nearly impossible to measure: through such modelling it is possible to investigate all dimensions and parameters to improve the performance and driveability and lower the emissions output.


Applied 1D software tools:


AVL CONCETO™ - Professional data post-processing software


·         Applied at HERON for test bed data analysis and additionally for BOOST post-processing






Applied at HERON for test bed data analysis






·         Applied at HERON for test bed data analysis and combustion data analysis




HERON Combo - in-house software


·         Applied for detailed combustion and heat balance analysis, taking all losses (like heat transfer, blow-by, and specific fluid properties) into account




HERON drive - in-house software


·         Applied in race car analysis to work out engine-related driveability issues. This program is commercially available and can be adapted to all data acquisition systems (e.g. ATLAS)


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