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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology

1D Engine Simulation



With the help of engine simulation software it is possible to analyse and compare new or revised concepts virtually before first components are manufactured. Due to long-term experience in many automotive applications, HERON can answer questions and provide solutions for gasoline, diesel, gas, and DF engines quickly, reliably, and competently.


This technology is applied during the initial concept phases but is a very helpful tool to assist the hardware development phase in its entirety. The understanding of the complex processes, from gas dynamics in the manifolds up to detailed combustion analyses, assists in the decision making process by proving them in advance. All this helps save development time and thereby reduces test bed costs dramatically.


The key application areas are:


·        Definition of the entire manifold arrangement and packaging

·        Optimisation of all intake and exhaust pipe lengths and diameters

·        Combustion analysis, with emission and knocking prediction

·        Gas exchange analysis and optimisation

·        Checking and optimisation of valve timing and valve lift data

·        Power, torque, and BSFC prediction

·        Turbo- and supercharging matching

·        EGR system layout

·        Cooling requirements

·        Efficiency optimisation for combined heat-power applications

·        Pre-optimisation of controller and sensor units




·        Steady-state applications, and

·        Transient applications at WOT or part-load operating conditions

·        Boundary condition calculations for 3D-CFD simulations


Applied 1D software tools:


·        AVL BOOST™

·        GT-Power™

·        HERON-HCS (in-house development)





-    Friction analysis

-    Gas exchange optimisation

-    Combustion analysis and optimisation



...is our core business