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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology

Thermodynamics Training Courses


Based on over 30 years experience in the field of thermodynamics and simulation techniques in internal combustion engines, HERON can offer on-site training courses for engineers working in the automotive industry.


Course Description


This course covers the fundamentals of how the design and operation of internal combustion engines affect their performance, operation, and fuel requirements. Topics include basic equations about thermodynamics; fluid flow and basic gas dynamics; combustion; heat transfer; and the impact of key design layouts on the torque and power output characteristics.


Apart from the fundamentals the course includes practical applications and their results for all kinds of IC engines. Practical applications are shown for NA and TC/TCI engines including diesel, gasoline, and partly big-bore gas engines.


The course can be focused on and tailored around specific customer demands!




·        Most important variables and definitions for internal combustion engine

·        Basic and advanced thermodynamic equations as applied in internal combustion engines

·        Basics for steady state and transient gas flow

·        Basics of gas dynamics

·        Fundamentals of circular processes

·        Details about combustion analysis and the gas exchange process

·        Key layout parameters for NA and TC/TCI engines

·        The thermodynamics of all important auxiliaries such as intercoolers, turbo chargers, and mechanically drive blowers

·        Heat balance and efficiency calculation

·        High- and low pressure measurement technique - analysis and error analysis




For more information see documentation in Downloads


Target audience

Designers, test bed and application engineers with basic knowledge of IC engines. No experience in simulation techniques required.


Course duration

3 days


Group size

3 - 8 people





Course documents

Supplied by HERON Technik GmbH



The course will be held by Dr. Hans Alten, CEO of HERON Technik GmbH.

For more information please contact us.