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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology



1D Simulation Program HCS


HERON has developed a simple and easy-to-use 1D engine simulation program for all kinds of TC engines. As the gas dynamic pressure waves have a very minor impact, the gas exchange process is calculated according to the so-called “filling and emptying method”: this method saves computation time without compromising on accuracy. The current program can be applied for diesel engines - a gas engine version is currently under development.




·        No engine modelling is required - HERON delivers the costumer-tailored engine arrangements

·        No additional pre- and post-processor required - HCS is embedded into Excel™

·        Self-explaining input data sheet - no specific training required

·        Users can extend the post-processing and data comparison to suit their needs

·        HERON support included - easy file and data exchange


For more information see documentation in Downloads.



Vehicle Acceleration Program WGB


To quantify WOT power and torque curves, a vehicle acceleration program has been developed; the core program is a well-proven Fortran code while the post-processing is done in Excel™.

Under consideration of all important parameters, as


·        Gear ratios and efficiencies, aero-drag, and downforce values as f(km/h);

·        Car weight, CoG, base distance, tyre size, and friction coefficients;

·        Gear shift strategy and duration, slope angle, ambient correction, wind speed, etc


vehicle acceleration is calculated either in part-load or WOT engine conditions for a pre-defined straight-line distance under consideration of all important parameters, including.


For more information see documentation in Downloads.