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Engine analysis & development

by means of simulation technology


Engine analysis


Before starting the optimisation process existing engines will be analysed on the test bed and measured and post-processed in detail.




1D Simulation


With the help of engine simulation software it is possible to analyse and compare new or revised concepts virtually before first components are manufactured.




3D-CFD simulation


HERON offers applied thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation work inside internal combustion engines for our clients worldwide.




valve train optimisation


Most of the applied valve train analysis tools are based on in-house developed software packages, specifically tailored for the most common valve train designs.




thermodynamics training courses

Based on over 30 years of experiences in the field of thermodynamics and simulation technique in internal combustion engines, HERON can offer on-site training courses.



Dr. Hans Alten

ceo & owner


HERON Technik GmbH (“HERON”) was founded in 1990 and is located in Graz, Austria. In 2006 – after 20 years working in the field of engine research and motorsport, in Austria and the UK – I took over HERON and focused the business on what I am most familiar with. As CEO of the company I decided to focus on my areas of expertise: analysis and improvement of internal combustion engines by means of simulation technology.


We have since completed over 190 projects, for an ever-growing number of satisfied customers around the world – including various European countries, the USA, and Japan. In China, for instance, we have been involved in several projects where we not only managed to successfully improve engine performance but the all-important engine efficiency too.


My team delivers the highest state-of-the-art development solutions plus, together with a very experienced co-partner, can offer help and support around consultancy work; due diligences; and design solutions – as well as our own self-developed components for high-efficiency gas engines.




Typically, the first part of any project requires the analysis of the current engine before recommendations on improvements can be made. This includes:


·         Test bed data review

·         Analysis of indicated low and high data, including detailed combustion data analysis

·         1D engine modelling and re-calculation of the baseline engine configuration




Today’s powerful multi-dimensional simulation platforms allow the setup of all kinds of virtual engines to perform analysis work, setting up of complete new power train concepts, and optimisation of existing engines in advance of any cost-intensive hardware being built.


HERON can hereby assist the development process by applying


·         Highly sophisticated 1D engine simulation work

·         All engine related 3D-CFD air and fluid flow simulation, including moving meshes for fuel spray simulation, combustion simulation, and emission prediction

·         Valve train layout for most common valve train designs, including stress calculation, spring layout, and precise cam grinding data calculation


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